Indoor Studio Portrait

Visionary, photography devotee, certified adventurer, content innovator, creative escapist, part time athlete wannabe, part time chocolate eating hammock connoisseur

Nine years ago I sought to travel the world by bicycle.

So I did.

Not the entire planet but large portions of it.

I began my journey the seventh of July 2007.

First try ended with a stolen bicycle in Germany.
Learned patience. A storm will eventually clear up.

Second attempt never ended, it continued.

Pedalled from Northern Europe to West Africa with a detour through the western parts of North America.

The roads took me through some of the most amazing eye-catching scenery on this earth. Through mountain ranges, oceans, valleys and deserts. The graceful nature never ceased to amaze my eyes.

I admire its beauty and serenity. Its wilderness and brutality.

“When we run, we forget to walk”

Ambition: go slow, see, feel, smell, sense and wholeheartedly experience time passing without ever thinking or worry about tomorrow. It’s about to happen anyway.

Time will continue it’s everlasting journey with or without you.

So either you participate or you don’t.

I appreciate the unpretentious little things like gazing up at the sky lying down on a green spring meadow letting the clouds spin by. Breathe in the aroma of flowers, listening to the soothing bird song. Feel unconditional joy that this seasonal greeting once again give birth to life.

“Our mind evolves the further we go, the further we see and the further we feel”

This idea was my dream. I lived alone on the traveler’s road for many years until it was time to head back home.

Odd thing, I was already home. No need of a roof above your head to realise that.

And when you do your consciousness is free.


Every single life has it’s own unique path, some cross others, interact, sometimes they fall in love, swap directions, share their stories and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new trail that leads you to a creative treasure of inspiration.

“Enlightenment is the perception of your awareness”

Photography is how I visualise my outer impressions. Being in the moment, timing is key.

Patience, equilibrium, visual stimuli and childish curiosity are my catchwords.

Hope you enjoyed looking through the photos as much as I liked making them.

“Summa summarum”

Favour the small things.

Go out in the forrest and sing with the birds. Listen to the wind, lay down, feel the grass between your toes, smell a colourful flower, get stung by a bee, sit on a fallen tree, watch the trees dance in the wind.

Imagine the impossible, see the invisible. Encourage life and your dreams, don’t fear it, it gives more than receives. An open heart.

Don’t feel afraid.

Remember, nothing lasts forever. Enjoy the process, the being, you and everything around you. Life is short and can’t be taken for granted. It can be the start or the end. The decision is yours, no one else’s.

Feel the light and follow it. It’s within us all.

Your existence is defined by your thoughts, ideas and actions. What defines you?

Be grateful for what you’ve been given and what you can do with it.

The contentment of happiness is the one and only true thing that really matters in life.

Everything else comes secondary . . .