“The heart feels what the eyes can’t see, the ears can’t hear, the tongue can’t taste, the nose can’t smell and the hands can’t touch”

“Our desires have a tendency to avoid us”

“Love is mutual, not single but whole”

“A lie is not true”

“Worries are fear disguised in insecurity”

“When silence speaks, words are unnecessary”

“You can’t take anything from me I’ve already lost”

“See her beauty, not her body”

“It is wiser to walk in your own footsteps than others”

“Let life’s troubles dissolve into experience”

“Don’t get me wrong, I do like civilization. But only at a safe distance, say 500 kilometers”

“One sure thing I know about life is that I’m not sure of anything”

“Who said it would be easy? Nothing is easy if you make it hard”

“I came up with something clever but to forget to write it down”

“She gave me everything, then she took it back and gave it to someone else”

“After a few glasses of red wine I thought she looked alright”

“Love is a merge of two whole halves combined into one”

“If you main aim in life is material excess you are going to end up very poor”

“Give me a camera, give me beauty and I will show you the world”

“A photograph you’ve taken may reveal how you see the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean the viewer will see it as you do”

“God is not going to save the world, only nature can and we’re killing it”

“Let the darkness in your past light up your future”

“If you don’t know the truth, you been told a lie”

“Smile to a stranger and you’re not strangers anymore”

“Never give to egoistic people because they only use your kindness for their own benefits”

“The reward of giving is far greater than anything you could get”

“The air is free, so is bird song”

“I lost my wallet four times in life, which of three it has been returned. That makes you believe in the good of man”

“If a dream doesn’t come true it’s just because you never fought for it”

“If you can’t backup your words with actions, your words are meaningless”

“90% of my time is spent in nature and the remaining 10% is spent in civilisation”

“The only person that can change because of you, is you”

“Love demands whole your heart and never asks for anything in return”

“Forgiving your past is The Key to restore your true self”

“The other night I dreamt I died. I’ve never felt so happy as when I woke up and realised it was just a dream”

“When the past is gone we have the present and the future to look forward too”

“Ideas have a strange behaviour to appear when least expected”

“I don’t see regret, I see experience”

“I don’t need inspiration in nature, because you see – nature is inspiration itself”

“Sunset, it’s today saying goodbye”

“I don’t need to be somebody unless this somebody is myself”

“Having no fear means you have nothing to loose”

“I try to not take anything seriously because life is complicated already as it is”

“A realist sees and accepts the truth, a pessimists rejects it and a optimist glorifies it”

“Revenge is for the weak and blind”

“Life is full of obstacles, but also full of opportunities for those who glances over the obstacles”

“Don’t point out the deficiencies of others if you can not see your own”

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